These two maps introduce visitors to the range of books available in Frost Library’s newly acquired Native American book collection.

In Part One, you will be able to browse through a large portion of the collection by the Nation or group affiliated with each book in the library catalog.

In Part Two, you will find the publication points plotted, color coded by date of publication, and you will be able to move a divider down the middle of the map with your mouse to compare modern day reservation boundaries with a world map from 1812.

These maps include writers whose subject was Native American as well as those who wrote science fiction, drama, cookbooks unrelated to Native history. The United States’s relocation of Native Americans, as well as nations’ choices to merge in the past, have led to some nations historically residing in more than one region.

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Photo source: Kellogg, Laura Cornelius. Our Democracy and the American Indian: A Comprehensive Presentation of the Indian Situation as It Is Today. Kansas City, Mo: Burton publishing company, 1920. Frontispiece.