Teaching by Example

By showcasing our projects on this website, we intend to support students who have no experience with digital scholarship in creating their own projects. Creating a digital project that could guide others to make their own was the central goal of our so-called meta-project.

When looking around at other digital humanities projects, we noticed that for many projects, the documentation – by which we mean the step-by-step processes of creating digital projects – was scant or lacking. We hope to provide guidance on this website to specify how long a project takes, what it involves, what technology it requires, and generally the information that students of DH can use to continue making and documenting their own ideas.

Teaching by Inspiration

We’ve included a wider selection of links and explanations of DH for students of all levels, from those who have never heard of DH to those who are looking for inspiration for their next project. To that end, we try to cover introductory material and link out to further educational materials online. We connect students with the DH community, as well, because these days DH projects are rarely created in isolation. Finally, we added links to a smorgasbord of projects unlike our own, because the variety of DH is growing every day, and one kind of research question might require a very different flavor of DH.

The Native American Books Collection

Amherst College’s Archives and Special Collections recently acquired a vast collection of books by Native American authors (The Kim-Wait Eisenberg Collection). By using the collection as a medium to explore the field of the digital humanities, we hope to enhance the growing interest in Native American Studies within the Amherst College community and beyond.